Aces Read Me To Sleep

by Hissing Tiles

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released August 22, 2016

Hissing Tiles:

Michael Squeri - Guitar, Sing
Erik Ziedses des Plantes - Bass, Sing
Joseph Frankl - Drums on 1, 5, 6, 9
BJ Marsee - Drums on 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10

Will Allard - Noise manipulation on 5

Recorded September 2015-April 2016 at Bama Mansion, Culture Vacuum Recording, and Kaiju Gallery.

Engineered by Michael Squeri
Mixed by Will Allard.
Mastered by Bill Henderson.
Cover Photo by Kevin Doyle. for all correspondence. for all show news/other nonsense.

Thank You.



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Hissing Tiles Cincinnati, Ohio

A noise-punk trio from Cincinnati, OH.


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Track Name: Tack Piano
Else is discovered coughing up
he asks to fetch for me
asks if I can point this tack toward the New West
he asks for privacy

orchid rose left inside
orchid rose caught

days insist on showing up
the Lipton tea
ads for light beer followed all the way to work
now aces read me to sleep

orchid rose caught inside
rain cock caught inside
Track Name: Great Moon
Demolition derby in a hospital's shadow
The beds all screaming for warmth
All roads littered with sections of carpet corpse
Steaming in the heat

Inertia dulls the sharp
Dementia claims the smart
Voluntary confinement/Cultureless void
Held tall with the tiniest threads

A great moon shone and we basked in the light
Track Name: Banquet Blood
Night dweller
Mid-finger puncture
Beads on the glass
I'm counting the beads on the glass
I'm counting all the beads on the glass to distract myself

Waste multiplier
Sickening clacks
Stretch the glass
I'm trying to stretch the brown glass
I'm trying to stretch the brown glass around my face like a visor

I'm making a mess on the floor
Someone else will have to tell me why my fingers sting
Track Name: The Acrylic
held open door
I count the assets
count the magnets, the stickers eight feet up
crushed by the risk
apologize to strangers and cough nervous in the dark

bad sign, he's doing chin-ups on the awning
and I could I help find his wallet?
I find anything else
Ace and crew laughing hard and watching for the shakes

and I imagine that this never happened but see myself doing exactly this

no alarm
talk hits as a moral failing
talk remember I got surgery, ate junk food anyway
talk years ago
how that missing girl's still missing
and it starts to snow

I feel my face on the frozen sidewalk
feel it give under my footstep
so I stop looking up to strangers
my stuck open mouth is hushed
I'm fine I see myself walking away

ace you owe an explanation
your marine friend showed up, now the staff's looking too
nothing by two in the morning
go home, it's the last time I cover for you
Track Name: Dancer In The Archway
Fallen away again
Given no hint or context
Panic barking staccato notes

You mimicked all the moves of a dancer in the archway
You made me question my eyes and my conscious state
You mimicked all the moves of a dancer in the archway
I will ignore it against damnable evidence

No sense of awareness
Of your surroundings
None of a desirable kind

You mimicked all the moves of a dancer in the archway
You made me question my eyes and my conscious state
You mimicked all the moves of a dancer in the archway
Slowly dawning sense of dread bleeding into the roots
Track Name: New Alphabet
how can you laugh off assault?
it has a body count
how can you shrug off the threat?
it lives in your town

you're part of it

they keep him safe
they keep him safe
they keep him safe
they keep him safe
they keep him safe
they keep him safe
they keep him safe
they keep him safe

I need a new alphabet
for how my being is disgusted every time I hear your name
I need a new alphabet
to shout you into nothing, less than the dirt
Track Name: Remora
The lighted towers call to me
Promises of rest
Suspension of routine and obligation
Blacktop bears its fangs again
Shining in the night
Perches flicker from afar
Pilots wait
From their vantage point they're lulled by industrial hum
Snapped to attention by intruding punctuation
Routine procedure/follow course to destination
Imminent departure/mental acceleration
Detach and trawl
Track Name: I Played Kidnap
I'm letting out the bees until they thick into a cloud
and they bind me by the ankles
spread into the halls
where they fix themselves in columns
with hands at the top
and they lock all of the doors
hit all the alarms
then the vans start to scream and the helicopters pass
the men are rushing in and they're filling me with gas.

aces and aces I play on myself
coughing and helpless, smeared in pastels
Track Name: Gamma Shank
You are a brick cannon
My abdomen a paper mitt
Soaked in the runoff of fermenting nerves
Utterly foreign to joie de vivre

I will have better luck
Decoding towers flashing out of sync
Bending their beams into translatable glyphs
Using them all to bridge widening rifts

There are restrictions/There are constraints
There are restraints/There are constrictions
Cleave them into perfect thirds
Gamma shank

A florid bloom bursts forth
After days of frantic stirring
Pitched forward into the loam
Manifesting in a monotone groan

A second set of limbs
Shake off lethargic weight
Succumbing as they slowly descend
Upon a portrait to rend
Track Name: Sapped (Apt. 2)
my body wants to give this thing a name
I'm diving into my own throat

dead pitch in Lac Souterrain
my hand on a button, press
my flashlight in its screaming eye

I am possessed by a drooling euphoria
Wipe the spittle from my jaw
Imprinting crescents into palms
Dead stare like a statue of antiquity